Take a look at some of the features in Funky Trade

Safe and secure

No hidden fees

100% free to event organisers

Instant pay outs

Process exhibitors easily

Accept or decline traders

Automated PLI chasing

Automated payment reminders

Interlink with Smooth Maps

Traders apply with key information to help you decide whether they are right for your event. Traders will even upload images and share details about their business so you can make the decision whether they are the right fit for your event.

No more chasing for payments and PLI as once a client is approved, auto generated payment reminders and PLI reminders are set in motion informing the client when payment needs to be completed by.

Organisers have the choice to approve or decline each customer booked. Once approved or declined your customer will receive an automated email of their successful or unsuccessful application.

Benefits for event organisers

100% free to event organisers, safe and secure and no hidden fees

Spreadsheets or printed off application forms will be a thing of the past

Full customisation and options

Duplicate year on year and compare results

Manage all of your information in one platform

See a complete overview of all exhibitors' progress during their application process, including document uploads and payments.

Download your data to Excel at any time

Benefits for your exhibitors

Easy application process for your exhibitors

Automated reminders for payments with clear deadline dates given

Automated reminders to upload relevant documentation such as Risk Assessments and PLI

Exhibitors can showcase their business in a clear format with images links and details

Exhibitors can keep look back on their application

Exhibitors can apply each year with the same account, no need to add new images or fill out details

Exhibitors can showcase their business with stand images

Start selling trade pitches in just under 10 minutes

From festivals to exhibitions, Funky Trade is simple to use and the best kept secret in the events industry. Join the party and make your exhibitors journey funky.

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